It may come as a surprise to you, but Toronto has one of the most vibrant porn industries in Canada. In fact, each year thousands of pornographic videos are produced right here in Toronto. When it comes to "Toronto the Naughty" we are the Hollywood North of porn.


Most of the porn is produced in private residences, away from the public eye. But come on, what do you think is really happening inside those luxury condos popping up everywhere in our city? Chances are, porn is being produced in the building you live in, or very close to it, right under your nose.


Toronto attracts all different types of porn stars, female and male, experienced and amateur. In keeping with our tradition of tolerance and multi-culturalism, a good percentage of the poor that is produced in Toronto is inter-racial porn. We are such a multi-cultural society. Don't you love it?


Some porn stars in Toronto work in porn part-time as a way to supplement their income, although there are other porn stars who work full-time. One of the most attractive aspects of working in porn (besides the sex!) is of course the money. Many porn stars can make considerable amounts of money, with only a few hours of work each week. However, a large number of porn stars begin a career in porn because they seek adventure and wish to explore their wild side. In other cases, it is because they have a great sex drive, and need a way to express themselves.


Question: Is it legal to do porn?

Answer: Yes, as long as you are 18 years old or older, it is legal in Canada to film pornography.

Question: Is doing porn safe for my health?

Answer: We are committed to ensuring that your health and safety is our number one priority. We have a rigorous screening process for STDs and HIV. All of our actors and actresses are disease-free. We also have mandatory health checkups once every three months.

Question: How much money will I make?

Answer: You can make a lot of money filming porn. We have a multi-level pay system – depending on whether you are a novice (no experience), amateur (some experience), or actress (lots of experience). The top actresses in Toronto can easily make hundreds of dollars per film.

Question: How do you protect my privacy?

Answer: Your privacy is very important to us. We understand that you may not want your friends, family, or co-workers knowing that you are doing porn. We have a number of ways to ensure your identity is protected. Contact us to learn more.

Question: I am new to the adult industry, how much experience do I need?

Answer: You do not need any previous adult entertainment experience to apply for a job with us. In fact, we encourage you to apply even if you have no experience, or limited experience. Honestly, doing porn is not that hard!

Question: Do I need to have a certain “look” to be a porn star?

Answer: We encourage you to apply even if you do not have the traditional porn star “look.” Many of the most successful actresses in porn were first rejected because they did not have the standard look or body, but have then gone on to become wildly successful.

Question: What is the time commitment?

Answer: The great thing about doing porn is that you have maximum flexibility over your own hours. You can choose to work as much or as little as you want. Many of our ladies do porn part-time or on the weekend, and have other jobs during the day.